Save Time and Energy: How to Create Processes in Your Business

taught by Julia Chung

Course description

This course covers:

- Why it's so important to create processes for your business;

- How to create and use processes to streamline your day-to-day tasks, save time so you can earn more;

- Tools you should look into to streamline your business;

- Delegation and the importance of loving what you are doing.

After completion, you will understand what a process is and how to create one, plus the undiscovered potential for your business.

Julia Chung
Julia Chung

Julia is a natural “idea” person, who has built several companies and led teams of all sizes throughout her career. She believes in the power of processes, which not only provide a foundation for business operations, but also a platform for communication, and sustainable growth. As one of the co-founders of Admin Slayer, Julia acts as a mouthpiece, business developer, and slayer of strategy. As the founder of JYC Financial, she makes complex finances understandable, and leads a small but growing team. While operating one growing company is incredibly challenging, two takes a some pretty fancy footwork. Julia credits the power of great teams, delegation, and – you guessed it – processes (which, when you change your perspective, can also be called “strategy”).